Ideas and projects for new wellness locations: creating new forms of language, identifying new opportunities and unique venues to convey the idea of beauty.

The winning model of the City Spa Accademia del Bell’Essere served as a launch pad for the evolution of a new concept developed by Guatelli oriented towards the extreme customization of both venues and services. Starting from beauty farms, hotels and luxury resorts, in keeping with the latest dimension of luxury, i.e. individual luxury,  the idea of personal, micro-spas in private structures came about.

A staff of consultants capable not only of studying details, settings, the use of materials and dècor but also one that is capable of ensuring that everything works seamlessly by creating programs that harmonize the technology and manual skills inherent in beauty treatments.

The development of additional solutions: the research and creation of personalized skin care lines dedicated to spas, the recruitment of experienced personnel and on-the-job training targeted at the development of individual and team skills together with the rationalization of management costs.