paolo's world

The pupil of famous contemporary makeup artists, over the years Paolo has developed his own personal style: a heightened sensitivity towards the ideals of beauty, the evolution of corrective makeup and painstaking attention to emerging trends for a new interpretation of aesthetics, increasingly oriented towards the idea of an inner self and centred around a philosophy of authenticity, respect and integrity of the individual.

Paolo was born in Milan. After graduating from a high school specializing in modern languages, he spent two years at university studying architecture before deciding to dedicate himself to his passion. He registered at the Academy of Professional Makeup where he earned a degree as a showbiz makeup artist.

New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and in 2010 Sydney (2010) are just some of the hundreds of destinations in the world where he has had a chance to express his cosmopolitan “Made in Italy style.

His studies on Morphopsychology, a field of alternative science that proposes a correspondence between the shape of the face and individual personality, have enabled him to gain a deeper insight into the techniques of this discipline.

Today, after stopping the twenty years partnership as a testimonial and make-up designer for Eva Garden srl, for which he has signed collections and developed new makeup techniques, he has decided to make his creativity, innovative ability and international experience available to cosmetic companies throughout the world.

Interviews and tips from this internationally renowned artist have been published in magazines of the calibre of Psychologies, Donna Moderna, Donna in Forma, Marie Claire, Gioia, Anna, Glamour, Sorrisi e Canzoni, Vitality and Vivimilano.

Paolo has also made numerous television appearances on Rai, Sky, 7 Gold and Mediaset channels, where he featured several times as a guest on Canale 5's “Pomeriggio 5”.

Getting his message across to television viewers, readers, professionals or individual customers as clearly as possible is one of his prime concerns. Thanks to his language skills – Paolo speaks as many as five – he has been able to do this throughout the world. He has a particular ability to break down cultural barriers and get through to those who have a totally different outlook from the Italian one.

In 2000, Paolo created the Milan-based Accademia del Bell’Essere®, a multisensorial city spa where, thanks to a combination of massage techniques, beauty treatments and makeup sessions, people can experience his “Bell’Essere®” Philosophy.